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Parish Ministry Groups

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our co-responsible New Normal in action

Part-time Parish Secretary
Robyn Hirt

Parish Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers
of the Eucharist, & Collectors Roster Co-ordinator

Carmel Sullivan

Carmel Sullivan

Parish Archives
Diana Cole

Children’s Liturgy Group
Deborah O'Reilly-Nugent

Counter’s Roster

Parish Pastoral Leadership Team

Brighton Covenant of Churches
Vin Underwood

Brighton Deanery
Marj Hess

Parish Finance Committee

Prayer & Liturgy Group
Ursula Betka

BBQ’s & Kitchenette
James Lane


St James Parish Tennis Club
Marcus Doherty
Website: Saint James Tennis Club - Brighton
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bell Captain
Pat Cole

Interfaith Group
Bob Pye

Church Linen
Elizabeth Negline

Church Flowers

Parish Choir
Jason Geraghty

Presentation Sisters
At the Star of the Sea Community
Sr Barbara Daniel pbvm

Our Parish Primary School Principal
Brendan Flanagan

Our Parish Primary School Parents’
President Annie O'Donoghue

Our Parish Primary School Liason
to the
Parish Carmel Negline

St Vincent de Paul Society
For Assistance: 1300 305 330
(Between 10am & 3pm weekdays)
Parish Contact for Local Conference:
John Taylor

RECRUITMENT NOTICE: These Parish Groups welcome new members who choose to participate in the life of the Parish, offering Christian time and talent in these myriad of ways – would you like to be involved/committed with one or more of them? Please contact the Parish Office on 9596 1334 or email the Parish Office.