Welcome to The Parish of Saint James

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The Apostle Saint James is a very significant person in the life of the Universal Church and particularly for pilgrims who commit themselves to the Camino de Santiago, The Way of St James; a journey that takes the pilgrim to the final resting place of the mortal remains of Saint James.

The current Parish of St James was originally part of the Brighton Mission, then for a while known to be in Elsternwick, then for a while Gardenvale and now Brighton, City of Bayside.

"Individual buildings, such as Kamesburgh, St James Catholic Church, St Stephens Anglican Church Vicarage and the John Knox Church, are of high architectural value in their own right, but together make up a precinct that demonstrates nineteenth century architectural aesthetics at their best." Extract from "Panel Report Bayside Planning Scheme Amendment C82 30 July 2012 Page 5 of 17".

We have been here officially since 1892, however, at least ten years earlier, a small wooden church was erected and dedicated to Saint James the Greater. In 1883 the Presentation Sisters staffed a school in the same building.

For some time now as a Catholic Community we have been incarnating the following Vision and Mission which we would now like to share with you.

PARISH VISION:We are a pilgrim people of the 21st century following in the footsteps of Saint James. Our life’s journey is in relationship with Christ and one another. We seek to be a welcoming community where the Gospel is proclaimed daily and
its message is lived authentically.

PARISH MISSION:The Catholic Community of St James responds to the Call to holiness, witnesses to Christ’s Presence in the world and strives to answer the challenge of the Gospel message. United in this conviction, holiness becomes the fruit of living life in the service of God and One Another as a worshipping, listening and missionary people.

As you amble your way through this website I hope you get a feel for the unique character of this catholic community that has been here so long, walking the pilgrim way together and in the process making the lives of its members, the people it serves and the world in which it lives, holy, that is - conforming their lives, the life of the comunity and the world to that of the Risen Christ because of its faithfulness to the Christian mission. For in the words of Saint James, “Wisdom shows itself by doing good deeds.” Jm 3.17

Here is a youtube worth a visit and if you have been to Santiago di Compstella in Spain you hopefully would have seen it in action.